POTENTIAL TWEETS (FROM CONVERSATION “corporate Brand Overshadows Individual Business:  Why is RE/MAX Different?)

1. The Corporate-esque structure of a particular broker model doesn’t do a good job to develop an individual personality w/in their brand. 

2. RE/MAX is s powerful brand because it’s a bottom up strength rather than a top down strength.  It supports the individual brand.

3. There’s a fear factor that comes from a new agent with going to a new company and dealing with the cold calling and trying something new than someone who is attritionedand has been on the job for a few years

4. Newtons law of inertia what’s in motion tends to stay in motion and whats at rest tends to stay at rest.  In a sense if you’ve built your business and you have a set of assumptions it’s hard to question that set of assumptions. 

5. Ones assumptions need to be questioned reviewed honestly.  Think of former friends that you reconnect or have stayed connected to on Facebook.  They are basically the same person they were in H.S.  Why would these folks associate with their self identity with who they were 20yrs ago?

6. We have to ask ourselves even though we have been doing this “thing” for all these years, does it make sense now? 

7. We as people change like the caterpillar does when he metamorphoses into the butterfly.  In life you are obligated to change and question ourselves and the decisions made. 

8. The reason we get into the real estate business is to be in control of our own lives. 

9. As your business matures you should be in a position to really calculate how much money you put into your business and get a return on that without necessarily putting in much effort. 

10. You should be able to leverage your effort with your capital and your brand.

11. Ultimately you are fighting for your profit.

12. The real estate business because it’s an all or nothing thing; it takes a certain kind of tenacity. 

13. We all deserve a reality that is conducive for us to strive.  So I am always writing a story about my life.  If you are not the hero in your own story



Laura Malandrino