Our Process


SPECIALIZATION: Our agents specialize in apartment investments and focus exclusively in specific geographic areas within Los Angeles. Through specialization and focus we can better serve our clients by leveraging knowledge of the local market to benefit your investment goals. Our Investment Specialists seek to know the active buyers and sellers who may have entered the market, the financing available for the type and vintage of local investment property, as well as pursue a nuanced understanding of streets, demographics, and local projects and ordinances that could have an effect on the value of your property you seek to sell, purchase, or improve. In today’s market, your agent must be seasoned, active, specialized, and technically advanced to assure your investment goals are reached.
RESEARCH: Local market research puts the market pulse at our fingertips. By systematically improving and updating our proprietary internal database we gain access to the buyers and sellers who are making the market. Additionally, research provides a direct point of contact to learn about the beliefs and desires of other property owners in the local area.


Our goal and philosophy is to win the client and let the business follow. At every stage of your investment cycle we are interested in developing the relationship. In fact, the best time to start a relationship is before you are ready to take action. When we know you, we can provide truly useful, insightful information and develop the trust you deserve when working on your investment goals.
Let us know what’s on your mind. We can help.


A RCRE.CO Investment Specialist is trained in a “best practices in real estate training” and must prove capacity to produce in a manner consistent with our stated goal: to be the 1# Investment Real Estate Company in Southern California, while doing so with purpose and integrity. Serious investment brokers maintain high call volume. Due to our commitment to this work, Investment Specialists at RCRE.CO are better able to reach potential buyers and sellers. This work can both create a direct market for your property if you are a seller as well as invite action to new inventory if you are a buyer. Though technology can reach a greater number of clients more quickly, hard work and direct contact is the cornerstone of a “best practices” real estate business.


RCRE.CO is committed to facilitating our client’s investment goals. Whether you seek evaluation, education, management, financing, or sales, our team of highly trained investment specialists will follow a process to understand your investment objectives, demonstrate potential solutions, and make recommendations that both quantitatively and qualitatively meet your investment goals most effectively. We can help make your investment… Better.


Through the application of our comprehensive Breadth and Depth Marketing Plan™, our team utilizes traditional modes to reach the investment pool as well as the newest applications of technology to spark interest in purchasing investment real estate. Our philosophy is to leave no stone unturned. Our marketing team follows a consistent timeline to implement our proprietary Breadth and Depth Marketing Plan™. Each strategy and tool we employ focuses on a target market segment: a local investor, an active broker, a potentially unknown new investor. At RCRE.CO we systematically market our listed properties to reach the greatest number of potential buyers multiple times, each time delivered in a new and interesting way. It works.


Our Investment Specialists are seasoned, specialized, and proven. Our list of closed properties is our evidence. Our growing list of committed, loyal clients have provided testimonial to our professionalism and productivity. Your investment goals + RCRE = Results.