The Sale Process with RCRE

The sale process can be an exciting and challenging time for buyers and sellers. Rarely are there opportunities in everyday life to negotiate with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. For this reason it is important to be prepared. The sale process can be divided in to three stages:

1. Consultation & Preparation

2. Marketing

3. Sale Negotiation & Escrow

Solution Based Approach™

It all starts with a “first appointment” in which one of our Investment Specialists learn from you critical information about your needs and goals and whether we are a good fit to facilitate them. We also learn detailed information about the property being discussed for a potential sale. This meeting is your opportunity to discuss your concerns about selling the property or any other options you are considering regarding your property and/or investment plans. Our ability to advise you intelligently is directly related to our understanding of your needs.

Once your Investment Specialist has an understanding of your goals and your property’s features, benefits and operations, our Solution Based Approach™ software thoroughly examines your options and will clarify the path that is right for your goals. Possible solutions could include one or several of the following services: financing, management, rehab, and/or sale/exchange.

At our second meeting we will present our report on the options available to you and present a proposal detailing how each option could move you closer to your investment goals. This is the meeting where we provide an in depth discussion about our value proposition to you and discuss the solution paths we have identified related to your investment needs. When you understand your options and the benefits of taking action, upon your selection we get to work making your investment goals a reality.

Breadth & Depth™

Our marketing plan is the product of the established best practices plus something commonly referred to as good old-fashioned hustle. We pride ourselves on the “active marketing” techniques we employ which involves us calling investors and agents, visiting offices, and personally advocating our property to the brokerage community. All of our marketing activities are targeted to increase the potential buyer pool and increase the probability that we find a buyer who is willing to pay more money for your property. Additionally, our marketing plan is thoughtfully targeted and organized to roll out over a full 90 day time line. Each week our Breadth and Depth Marketing Plan™ will target at least one specific marketing activity designed to reach a unique and specific group of investors. The following are the tools and strategies we employ to achieve success for our investors.

Internet Marketing

We use online marketing platforms that will post your listing not only to the MLS but to investor sites and other online media as well. Your custom property website will be reachable through several access points online.

Local Agent Network

We are constantly adding agents who are active in the investment brokerage community to our internal database of investment brokers in Los Angeles. Our internal marketing will ensure that agents working with clients who are looking for properties like yours will have a greater likelihood to be exposed to yours.

Social Networks

Utilizing integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as our own private social net developed specifically for communicating to the active broker and investor community, we are able to add another access point that is efficient in delivering information to the people who have capacity to act.

MLS & Loopnet Listing Service

Listing services can be a powerful tool to access active agents and potential buyers alike. A carefully posted listing can draw buyers to you.

Email Campaign

Because of our years of specialization and commitment to Los Angeles Investment Properties, our internal email distribution is unmatched. Today, more than ever,  our ability to quickly reach specific potential buyers equates to greater probability that your property will fetch a higher price. Additionally, because we are members of the California Association of Realtors, we have proprietary access to reach thousands of realtors directly through advanced email marketing tools. Together these tools place your property at the brokerage community’s fingertips.

Print Media

Local and regional advertising. New and seasoned buyers often use traditional media as their first point of entry to find Los Angeles Apartment Buildings for Sale.

Other Print Media

Local journals and real estate brochures are intelligently applied to our marketing campaign.

Marking Package and Flyer

Our marketing proposals offer a complete rationale for a property’s value, including comparable sales, property information, maps, and demographic information. In most cases, buyers with good information can come to a decision to purchase your property more quickly when they understand the value of the Los Angeles Apartment Building for Sale.

Broker Distribution and Broker Calls

We personally distribute copies of the marketing package or flyer to our local brokerage offices. We work hard to see to it that the people in a position to sell the property know about it and are encouraged to act on your behalf.

High Volume Broker to Investor Calls

A significant percentage of our properties are sold explicitly due to our Broker-to-Investor calls. This can be the most direct and efficient way to convert a prospective buyer into a motivated buyer. Hustle works.

Sale Negotiation and Escrow

During the negotiation and sale stage many decisions will be required of you and several legal documents will be presented. We prepare you to make the decisions that will be required. We will provide a general plan for this process so that at each moment you are well informed and prepared. It is critical that the broker structure the transaction process to minimize stress to the buyer and seller. Our escrow process is specifically designed to educate, prepare and organize the escrow process so that you know the status of the sale and the location of all of the required documents. This is facilitated from a safe and secure web portal that you have 24/7 access to.

The Bottom Line

Our wide breadth of experience allows us to consult real estate matters more completely. Our solution based approach equates to greater trust and active participation in investment planning. Our experience in design and construction can add valuable dollars to your bottom line without the frustration of managing labor. Our “active marketing” and comprehensive marketing strategy paired with our record-setting transactional experience all equate to one thing for our clients: A better bottom line with minimal stress, efficiently managed by us.

We look forward to working with you!